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I wrote this song on a pet sitting client's guitar, in short spurts of ten or so minutes, over the course of a few weeks during Summer of 2011. Every time I would come over to feed the cats I would sit down and play this beautiful, ancient acoustic guitar that was sitting in the corner collecting dust. The song is an account of my first two years in DC. It's about feeling stuck in a place that used to yield more excitement and potential, and dealing with the reality that you can't relive those memories that feel reminiscent of a better time.

Sample from the propaganda film Perversion for Profit (1965).


like two bookends of a collection i never read
like two coasts of a country most of which I've yet to see
like two friends awkwardly situated on a couch watching TV
'cause wasting time is the only thing that I know how to do
and I want to waste my time with you

i moved to this city as such the optimist
take the good fight to them hey i'll be an activist
black bloc on the IMF. look mom i'm an anarchist!
now it's two years later...

it's two years later and i can't stop feeling depressed!
making poor decisions and flirting with nihilists
over empty pizza boxes and beer cases: my empty bank balance!!

and the sad thing is i'm getting kind of used to this
not believing in myself
and wasting time is the only thing that i know how to do

i just want some comfort for tonight
just to get to sleep well i've been sleep walking my entire life!!

so i got to drinkin', yeah i got to thinking bout if singin' songs
about how i'm weak really make me strong.

i just want some comfort for tonight
a heart beat to nuzzle up against
but all i find is a resin caked bong
smelling like painful memories of the last three years
a downward spiral of decaying dreams and dried up tears
i know you know that i've been running too damn slow
i know you know

it's time to go

and everything i love about this place
can be summed up in a flex your head tattoo
but my exodus is long overdue


from .​.​.​Is Growing Up Never, released March 14, 2013




The Harrison Four Washington, D.C.

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