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This song is about a lot of things. It's about sexual repression in a puritanical society. It's about experimenting with kinks and the implications or lack there of that has on identity. It's also about burning cop cars, political dissent, and resulting political repression. “Push it harder,” as a phrase can be taken as sexually suggestive (the innuendo was intentional), but it is really meant to be a rallying cry for the global resistance movement that is sprouting out of our generation.

Samples from the propaganda film Perversion for Profit (1965) by Charles Keating & narrated by George Putnam.


have you ever felt such extreme sense of societal guilt
for asking for what you really wanted?
have you ever felt shame so caught up in their morality game
too afraid to ask for what you really wanted?

hey what's your preference?
hey want's your sex?
hey want's your gender?
tell me what does it matter?

i'm through with abstinence
girl teach me about dominance

legs stick straight into the sky
everything that they told me was a lie
oh yeah push it deeper harder and fasted come on

tease me, please me, slam me up against a wall
still gonna be screaming until the last one's bound to fall
do this with my consent it's called "kinky"
do this without my consent it's called police repression

just ask the girls screaming in the streets
they'll tell ya, "Fuck the NYPD!"
and fuck the sense of entitlement
from every greedy little boy
to the furthest reaches of our government

helicopters cut apart the sky
bystanders scream on their lunch break
"why oh why tell me"
come on kids push it harder and faster
stoke up those revolutionary fires
get kinky in the back of cop cars
and plead the 5th in the cell that they'll lock you in

push it harder
push it faster
push it harder
push it faster


from .​.​.​Is Growing Up Never, released March 14, 2013




The Harrison Four Washington, D.C.

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