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No surprise here, this song is about a conversation I had with my friend Rachel, on the front steps of Red House (RIP). Rachel's chorus she would chant to me upon most every encounter was, “You're such a kid. You'll never grow up. I mean that in a good way.” I think holding onto some of the magic that made childhood so memorable and now almost unattainable, I think that's a good thing. But this song is also about facing the realities of not being prepared for adult life, and craving some sort of reassurance in the arms of a friend or a lover. Also irrational fear of nuclear war.


my dad says, "get your head in the game
it's a global competitive market, ya gotta stay sane kid
shove yourself in a suit and tie,
look at me i'm already one foot in the grave"
but to me the whole world's just like high school
same shit with a new set of rules
if career opportunities are just gym class
i'm gonna sit on the sidelines in my jeans and get the D

i don't wanna get older and jaded and worn out
and spread so thin that i can't even get a word out to myself
i just wanna be dedicated
i just want to be self sufficient
but that doesn't mean stealing from Whole Foods just to eat
smoking weed watching king of the hill reruns yeah just to fall asleep
oh i learned about feminism through 90's tv
the Simpsons, Rosanne, & buffy

Rachel says Rachel says
that I'm going to be a kid forever
that I'm growing up never.
And she swears it's a good thing
I disagree when I think of what my future's gonna bring.

I don't want to get older and sell out what it is to be me
(i just want to be free)
Just gotta die for king & god & country
I just wanna be free!
I just wanna be me!
But that ship has sailed far away "away)
it has sunk in the Atlantic ocean and that's where it will stay.

Rachel says Rachel says
that i'm going to be a kid forever
that i'm growing up never
and she swears it's a good thing
i disagree when I think of what my future's gonna bring
more late nights spent alone
your measly pay check ain't ever gonna turn your house into a home

i just wanna be stable
but i'm not able waiting for
everything around me to crash into post-21st
century debris oh uh oh oh

debilitated my life spent wasted in front of a
TV screen wondering what's wrong with me
and now a thousand anxieties are free to scream to me
that you don't really feel like that
you just want someone to tell you
it's going to be okay
it's gonna be okay
no! it's not gonna be okay!


from .​.​.​Is Growing Up Never, released March 14, 2013




The Harrison Four Washington, D.C.

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